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Man Recounts Wild Story of How He Wholeheartedly Believed His Mom Was Trying to Kill Him

A lot was lost in translation.

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For the most part, our kids are much smarter and pay far more attention than we think they are, especially when they're little. Their little brains are soaking up everything we do and say... for better or for worse. And sometimes, that means they totally misunderstand something we've said and take it to heart, and we don't find out that we've accidentally been stressing them out for months (or even longer). 

This TikTok video is the perfect example of this. This man told a story of a time when he was convinced his mom had decided to kill him... and while it's pretty hilarious to hear him talk about it now that he's older and knows better, we can't imagine how scared he must have been at the time! 

Content Warning: This post contains media that mentions abortion. 

For the context of the story, it's important to know that his grandfather frequently protested outside of abortion clinics in Knoxville when this man, named Austin, was a child. He didn't know much about went on there outside of the (incredibly incorrect) explanation his grandfather gave him: "I go to Knoxville because when parents decide they don't want their kids anymore, they go to Knoxville, and they pay a doctor to murder them, and I go and try to talk them out of it." 

Austin pointed out that even those who are anti-abortion should know that's an "intense" thing to say to a six year old, and boy, did he run with it, thinking that his parents could simply choose to off him if they got tired of his antics.

One day, his mom woke him up and told him they were going to Knoxville for a surprise. Since all he knew about Knoxville was that kids were, apparently, getting murdered there, he was in full panic mode the whole drive there, which his mom didn't understand. When they arrived, they were actually at Chuck E. Cheese — way better than getting killed, TBH.

"I was sitting there eating pizza, and I clearly remember thinking, 'wow, I don't love that they kill kids here, but they do have a Chuck E. Cheese," he said.

We hate that he spent that car ride thinking his mom was taking him to be murdered... but let this be a reminder to explain things to your children in an age appropriate (and preferably factually accurate) way. And then, maybe take them to Chuck E. Cheese. Can't hurt!

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