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Dad Literally Kicks In the Door to Give Wife an Improptu Date Night

That’s how it is done fellas.

The struggle to keep romance alive when you've got little kids is real. Every day is filled with diapers and crying and school drop-off and pick-up and dishes and get the idea. There's not a whole lot of room in there for fancy dinners or romantic gestures. Date nights are so important, but all too often they get rescheduled and rescheduled until they never even end up happening. That's why sometimes you just have to make these things happen, as @antbarr85 proves in this video. 


The look on the mom's face when he comes in is priceless. She's definitely alarmed at first. Like, what is required of her right now exactly? But she definitely seemed to have a fabulous evening once she caught on to the plan. The pictures of the happy couple enjoying a fancy dinner that they didn't have to cook themselves and wouldn't have to clean up, the mom's transformation from her "hanging out in my kitchen with glasses on" to hot date night mama is so inspiring to see. Impromptu date night was definitely a success. And did you see that wad of cash big sister got? Clearly this situation was a win-win for all involved. 

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