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Mom Who Was Having a Bad Day Gets Sweetest Comfort From Her Daughter

There's a lot of love here.

When it comes to emotional intelligence, people don't give kids enough credit, even the youngest ones. They might still be fairly new to the world, but they pick up on and understand more than we think, even if it's just by watching us. They're actually pretty smart... and there's a good chance your kids pick up on our moods even more easily than we think. 

One example: this video on TikTok that a mom shared when her daughter realized that she was having a bad day. According to the woman who posted the video, her little girl, Violet, knew that her mom was struggling, so she asked her to brush her hair, and Mom recorded the moment to have forever.


"She knows I love it and find it so relaxing," the mom wrote, adding that she felt calmer and happier getting that special show of affection from her daughter. Even better, though, were the directions that Violet was doling out to her mom, telling her to close her eyes and relax (and to stop moving her head!). 

By the end, Mom was grinning to ear to ear — it looks like this was something she really needed!

In the comments, viewers reminded this mom that her daughter is so caring because that's who she taught her to be.

"You taught her and showed her how to be this wonderful loving little person," one commenter wrote.

It's true — Violet is just showing her mom the love that she's been shown, and it's a beautiful thing.