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Mom Lets Daughter Paint a Mural on Bathoom Walls

TBH it looks great.

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It's such a big deal for parents to encourage their children's creative impulses. Sometimes, that means sacrificing our own creative visions or requires us to maybe put aside our preconceived notions about what something should look like. Because kids have big ideas...big, colorful ideas...and it's important to make sure they don't feel discouraged.

In this video from @seventhcirclecreations, we see a little girl being given free rein to paint an awesome mural in her bathroom. It looks like she has complete creative control over her awesome artwork, which is as it should be. Just look at how cool this is turning out. 

So cool to watch it all unfold, right? There aren't that many parents out there who would let their kid paint a mural on such a prominent wall, but this mom clearly puts a premium on kid creativity. For a child who dreams of being an artist or has any kind of creative ambitions, a blank wall and some art supplies is such a huge gift. Not only are you giving your child a place to explore their ideas, you're showing them that you have confidence in their vision and abilities. 

The mom noted in the comments that her daughter was planning on finishing the mural the next day, and everybody seemed really excited to see the final results. Whereas the average parent might never even consider ever letting their child paint on a wall in the first place, this mom is giving her kid a very visible place in the family home to be creative and make her mark. Awesome!

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