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Mom Gets Emotional Learning Her Daughter Got Her Period and Didn’t Tell Her… But For the Best Reason Ever

Generational trauma healing at its finest.

You don't realize it until you're a parent yourself, but milestones like your child hitting puberty become surprisingly emotional. After all, it's hard to see that your kids are growing up and getting older (even if that is ultimately the goal of parenting). And at the same time, it can make us remember how we felt when we were their age and going through the same thing.

These days, so many parents are focused on breaking the unhealthy cycles that they grew up in that it makes sense that moments like these in their kids' lives might end up being especially personal to them. As one mom on TikTok shared, she got emotional when she found out her daughter had gotten her first period and didn't tell her — but not for the reason you might think.


Sharing footage of her tear-stained face, this mom explained that her daughter got her period at 10 years old — the same age she was when it happened to her — and didn't tell her until three weeks later. But not because she was embarrassed, because she knew how to handle the situation, thanks to her mom preparing her so well for it.

"She was so unfazed by it that she forgot to tell me," Mom wrote. "My mother told me nothing and I thought I was dying. I felt so horrible for not being there to support her through this big moment. Like I failed as a parent. But then I realized this is how it's supposed to be: No big deal, Mom." 

In this case, she realized that she had been able to break this cycle of trauma for her daughter. What a relief that must have been for her.

Good job, mama. This is what it's all about.