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Daughter Plays Hilarious Spooky Prank On Dad and Scares Living Daylights Out of Him

He thought she was possessed!

A lot of kids out there take joy in pulling pranks on their parents... even though most of what they consider "pranks" just means scaring us to the point of giving us premature gray hairs. But we have to hand it to this kid who teamed up with her mom to give her dad the scare of her life — this is next level pranking!

It all started when a mom and daughter decided to make her dad think that she had been possessed. And after seeing this video, we're convinced that this little girl has a future in acting. She didn't break character once!


It’s a relatively simple prank — all she had to do was stand there on the stairs with her hair over her face and her hand out in front of her, Stranger Things style, but she did it well. At first, her dad didn't think much of it, but we're pretty sure that's real fear we heard in his voice when she wasn't moving! 

From the thousands of comments on the video, it's easy to see that people are seriously impressed at how well she pulled it off, even when her dad threw a ball at her head to see if she would move (and she didn't!). 

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"OMG reward her for staying in character," one user wrote.

Ultimately, the prank was success (even if Dad might disagree with what the definition of "success" is here). His heart is probably still pounding, even now!

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