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Daughter Asks For Something Totally Unexpected During Disney Princess Makeover

YouTube Vlogger Jessica Skube was surprised when her daughter had something else in mind for her special “makeover.”

Every parent likes to think they know their kids inside and out. After all, we made them, they are literally part of us. But as kids grow, you go from knowing what they are thinking by the twitch of their nose to having no clue what’s going through their little growing minds.  Even when you have a really close relationship with them, they can (and often do) surprise you.

Youtube vlogger and mom of seven Jessica Skube learned that first hand on the Disney Wish cruise ship’s maiden voyage where she discovered her daughter might not want to be a princess...


... she was more into dressing up as Prince Charming. The pair were invited to be among the first to sail on the Disney Wish cruise line, and as part of the experience, Skube’s daughter had an opportunity to go to the Bibbiddi Bobbitddi Boutique and get a fabulous makeover. While at first she tried to channel her inner Jasmine, she confessed to Skube that she’d actually rather be Prince Charming. And when the transformation happens, the genuine smile exuding from her face  is so heartwarming. 

“The fact that she was even comfortable enough to tell you what she wanted, means your doing amazing at being a mother,” wrote one follower. “Unconditional love.”

“You can tell how much happier she is dressed as Prince Charming,” noted another.

Even though we like to consider ourselves the experts on their kids, the truth is they will always have parts of themselves they’ll need to reveal to us. Our job is to be waiting there with open arms when they do.