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Dad Gives His Daughter a Full “Sleeve” Of Tattoos

She’s the most badass kind in Pre-K.

It's so much fun to share your hobbies and style with your kids. If makeup tutorials are your thing, you might like to do one for fun with your little one. Or if tattoos are your obsession, you might want to give your kid a temporary tattoo or two so they can share in one of your favorite things.

In this video from @toddlertok, a dad has given his little girl an entire sleeve of fake tattoos. She looks totally delighted with it, but as the creator asked, "What do you think her schools gunna say about this?" That's a good question...


So cute. She looks so proud to have a real-looking tattoo sleeve, just like a grown-up. Goes perfectly well with a t-shirt. But what will her school say about it? Schools have different policies on these types of things, after all. Some are fine with kids being creative with their appearance, but others are very particular about their student dress code

Commenters had different opinions:
"schools need to focus on education not dictating what kids hair style should be or color"
"If this kid walked into my kindergarten class, I would say “that’s so sweet!” and carry on. Not every school is super strict with their policies."
"As a preschool teacher… THIS IS AWESOME!!"
"My dad did this to my brother and I and we got suspended I couldn’t imagine what they do these days about this lol"
"As a kinder teacher, I would ask her to bring me one too"
"I’m fairly tattooed and work in a kindergarten…the kids are obsessed over my panda tattoo so I made each kid a temporary tattoo of my tattoo for xmas"

Seems like most commenters think the school should be fine with the tattoos; after all, it's not like the little girl is doing anything wrong. Of course, schools have their rules. But at least this girl has plenty of fans of her style either way.