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Daughter Hears Dad Has Been Struggling With Her Leaving for College And Surprises Him In the Best Way

She made his whole day.

There's no question that it's unbelievably difficult for parents when their kids go away to college. After 18 years of 24/7 caring for a kid, suddenly you're just supposed to be able to stand back and let them do their thing. What? Apart from the stress (do they really know how to take care of themselves??), there's the problem of just plain missing them. That whole empty nest thing is no joke. That's why the dad in this video from @maddierainey23 is so super relatable. He's just a dad who's been missing his little girl, like so many other dads who are missing their little girls right now. But lucky for him, his daughter had a feeling her dad could use a hug. "My dad's been having a hard time since I left for college," she wrote. "So I decided to drive home and surprise him." As the video shows, this was clearly the best decision she could have made.


Aww, that's a big bear hug right there. Such a sweet reunion. You can tell neither one of them wants to let go! The dad's heart must have just exploded when he saw his daughter, his favorite person in the world, walk through that door. Commenters were so touched by the relationship these two have. Unfortunately, quite a few people were sad either because they never had a relationship like that with their own dads or because their own fathers had passed away. But everybody was so happy to know that a love like that exists. "I feel like dads like this are so rare. So I always think it’s so sweet when I see a dad whose really loving and sweet like this with their kids," wrote one commenter, to which the poster replied, "He's the sweetest person I know." No wonder she drove home to see him!