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Daycare Worker Proves That Crying Kids at Drop-Off Really Are Fine

They put on a good show sometimes.

Daycare drop-off can be a complicated time for both kids and parents. Especially in the beginning, it can be emotional for toddlers to say goodbye to their parents... and for parents to leave their precious cargo in the care of someone else for the day. But it's practically a guarantee that even if there are tears when we leave our kids, they're quickly distracted by the other kids and unfamiliar toys around, and now, we have the proof that's exactly what happens!

In one video shared by a daycare provider, we see a kid having an epic tantrum as his mom leaves, and then, just as soon as the door closes behind her, he totally turns it off and moves on with his day. Wait, what?! 


One minute, he's totally melting down, and the next, he's ready to happily follow directions and take his shoes off, just like the provider asked. Is it just us, or does this kid have an Academy Award in his future?

According to those who commented on this video, this is a very common scenario! "I run a daycare too... this is so common, making parents feel bad then acting fine two minutes after they leave," a fellow provider wrote.

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"My baby used to guilt me with that performance too, and my daycare lady would tell me every time, he was fine when I left," a mom added.

If nothing else, let this video prove to you that your child is definitely okay, even if they are crying when you leave them at daycare. They're probably going to have way more fun there than they would at home, anyway! And no tantrum lasts forever. 

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