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Widow Captures Son ‘Playing’ With Deceased Dad In Video Even Non-Believers Can’t Deny

That little boy definitely gets regular visits from his dad.

The pain of losing a spouse is pretty incomparable, and it can be particularly harrowing when the surviving spouse is now suddenly a single parent. Most couples don’t ever expect to raise their kids without their partner, but the reality is sometimes life has different plans. 

One mom sadly lost her husband just a few months after their youngest of four turned 7-months-old. While nothing can fill the void of a lost partner and parent, the mom swears that there are signs that he is always around, and she even feels her little boy can see him. Honestly, the video proof of this theory is pretty hard to refute. 


In the video, you can see her then 7-month-old son looking passed her and repeatedly saying “Dada,” while happily kicking his legs. That video was taken just three days after losing him. She then shared a second and third video where their son is slightly older and it clearly looks like he is playing with someone we can’t see.

The mom wrote that in all three instances she genuinely felt like her son was getting a chance to connect with his dad, and these are just some of the instances she’s caught on camera. 

People were awe-stricken looking at this footage.

“I believe that with all my heart,” agreed one follower. “He see his daddy!”

“He’s holding a complete conversation with him. Melts my heart,” wrote another.

It’s such a beautiful thought to think that he is always with them. We hope they continued to feel comforted by his presence.