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Watch Deaf Dad and Toddler Daughter Have the Cutest Sign Language “Fight”

She was not having dad’s mix-up.

Being a parent is hard enough, but being a parent while Deaf has to be especially challenging. After all, it comes with different obstacles as they navigate the world, and it can take awhile for kids to learn sign language enough to be able to communicate with their parent, but in the end, the love and the relationship between them is the same — and sometimes, so is the arguing.

Case in point: This conversation we witnessed on TikTok. A Deaf father shared a video of a conversation he had with his toddler, even though it ended up being more like a "fight." He was trying to explain to her where milk comes from, but since he was showing her on a wooden cow that shot out water from its utters to demonstrate how they worked, he got a fair dose of attitude from his kid in return.

This is so funny! 


As soon as she saw it was water coming out of the cow's utters, not milk, she yelled, "no, it's water!" and even signed "water" to really get her point across. Dad did agree that she had a point, and tried to explain to her that it was fake "milk"... but we all knw how literal toddlers can be! 

"It looked like she signed water with sass too," one person pointed out, and they're totally right.

That's the thing about toddlers — they think they know everything! 

As far as we can tell, this dad and daughter communicate so well. One day, when she's older, she's going to love this video!