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Mom Has Brilliant Way for Decluttering Sentimental Kid’s Clothes Without the Guilt

It looks really cute too!

It's impossible to really understand exactly how much stuff you can accumulate when you have kids until you do it yourself. And getting rid of that stuff is so hard, knowing that a special memory is likely tied to just about every piece of clothing or toy that your child owns. It's so hard to let go of the things they wore and loved when they were little! 

If you're struggling to de-clutter your children's clothes because you feel sentimental about them, then this TikTok is for you. One mom shared her hack for getting rid of items that your child doesn't use anymore but you still want to keep, and this might be a game changer.


In the video, she shared what her mom has done with the clothes that once belonged to her three grown children. She chose a special (and very tiny) outfit that her kids loved when they were younger, and framed them in a shadow box so she could see them every day. Best of all, she hung them up in her laundry room, which seems like a perfect place to keep this kind of thing. 

Now that she's grown up, she says that she allows herself to keep the baby clothes if she promises to do something with them, which is a pretty great way of looking at it. 

You can't keep everything, and you can't guarantee that your children are going to grow up to want all of their old clothes someday, so you might as well keep what's most important, display it, and donate the rest. 

This is such a great idea!