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Mom Shares Epic Delivery Fail

Oh man we’ve all been there

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Once upon a time, parents did all their Christmas shopping at the actual store and hid presents in the trunk of the car until the kids were sleeping, at which point they were transferred to the house under cover of the night. But now that the majority of parents do the bulk of their holiday shopping online, it's a little bit trickier to be secretive. You can't always predict when the delivery truck is going to show up, and it's not always certain if the toy is coming in a plain brown box or one covered with recognizable logos.

This video from @frankpappalardo is a perfect example of the kind of epic delivery holiday fail that happens when the toy DOESN'T come in a plain cardboard box and it's just sitting there on the porch in plain sight when everybody gets home. "Don't look!" 

Too bad you can't really wipe their memories with those things from the Men in Black movies, because once a kid sees the toy they're hoping to get on their very own front porch, it's hard to make anything a surprise. Of course, they still have to wait until Christmas to get it, so there is some suspense. 

"Lesson learned, be sure to click 'send in Amazon packaging' when going through the packaging process," wrote one commenter, which is actually a really great tip that many parents probably don't know about. Other commenters were just happy to commiserate, as many had been through the same experience. There was even one comment from someone who worked in Amazon delivery and said all the Barbie Dreamhouses in their obvious packaging seemed like a bad idea.

At the end of the day, there are only so many secrets you can keep during the holiday season. They're still getting the present they want!