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Woman With Dementia’s Life Changed When She Became a “Grandmom” to a Baby Doll

These dolls are proven to help people with dementia.

Loving someone with dementia can be a difficult road, but there are things that can make their lives happier, even after such a tough diagnosis... including one that you might not have thought of before. Actual realistic looking baby dolls are proven to help people who have dementia, and seeing that therapy in action is so sweet.

Case in point: This one woman who became a "grandma" to a baby doll who looks and feels like a real baby. In footage that an organization called Reborns With Reasons shared on TikTok, we get to see one older woman fall in love with her baby doll, and it's amazing to see how much joy it brings her.


It's clear that holding this baby is making her happy, and she talks to it as if it were a real baby. It doesn't matter that it's not if it's giving her all the same warm, fuzzy feelings that a living baby would — we all know how much happiness it brings just about anybody to hold a baby like that! 

"It’s something familiar to them in a world of uncertainty," the person behind the account explained in a comment.

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It's wild to see how lifelike this baby boy looks, but there's no doubt that helps the elderly people who use these dolls as therapy get the full effect of caring for the baby.

What a cool way to bring happiness to these people's lives. This is so sweet! 

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