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This Is How a Dentist Brushes His Toddler's Teeth

He's pretty thorough!

Once your little one has their baby teeth, it's important to take good care of them. Even though they're going to fall out eventually, you still want to avoid cavities in baby teeth as they can spread to grown-up teeth. Plus, your little one is learning good dental health habits for life. 

In this video from @zee_family_, we get to see how a dentist brushes his toddler's teeth. And the thing is, if you've been having your toddler brush their own teeth, they might not be doing enough, exactly. Once you see how this dentist brushes his kid's teeth, you might be inspired to be a little bit more thorough.


That's some serious brushing, right? While it's definitely important for toddlers to practice and learn good brushing habits, it seems like parental intervention is necessary when they're small if you want to do a really good job of getting those pearly whites nice and clean. 

Commenters were pretty amazed. Inspired, but also amazed, and wondering how this guy gets his toddler to let him do this...
"I call it a success if my kid let me put the brush in and brush for a few seconds"
"What kind of magic is this because my 21 month old SCREAMS"
"Mine screams and tries to bite me. SOS"
"My daughter is two and I give her my toothbrush to brush my teeth while I brush hers. And it’s worked great for us."
"Exactly what I do but my little girl just screams"
"We always do the elmo toothbrushing song or I tell my daughter we gotta brush all the buggies out"
"we have brushed monster teeth with lots of roars. we will also sing in our best opera voices."

Seems like there are lots of ways to get the same results, but the point is that toddler teeth might need a better brushing than some of us thought.