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Mom Gobsmacked Over “Necessary” Sign at Dentist’s Office

Um, people do that?!

There are some things the average parent would never think to do, but other parents have a much different standard for their behavior...or they're just playing by a different set of rules, or something. That's the only explanation for the sign one mom encountered at her child's dentist's office. 

As @mellyscleans showed in an eye-opening video, she encountered a sign at her son's dentist asking parents to please not leave the office while their child was being seen. As a parent who would never think to leave her kid at the dentist's office, she wanted to know: Was the sign really necessary? 

According to the staff at the dentist's office, there's definitely a need for that sign.


Wow. It's pretty hard to imagine just leaving your kid in the dentist's chair and taking off. What if they need you? The dentist usually has lots of questions for parents during cleaning sessions, and they have lots of information to give parents, too. Kids aren't old enough yet to manage all of that themselves. And what if the kid got scared?

While the creator pointed out in the comments that she's not mom-shaming, and grabbing a coffee within walking distance is different than leaving for hours, commenters were pretty perplexed by the whole thing.
"WHAT?? Leaving would never even occur to me! Like HUH???"
"I worked as a receptionist at a pediatric dentistry and this 100% true parents would leave them for hours ! The appt only took 30mins"
"This is sad! I never left my child, I always went in the back with him, even at 16 I'd wait for him."
"Oh nooooo my anxiety could never I have to be there& see it all idk how parents do this"
"Dang I don’t even let my son go to the back alone lmao can’t trust anyone lol"
"I work at a salon near a shopping center and people always leave to shop during their kids haircuts"

Clearly, the problem is that people just don't have the childcare they need. If you're trying to squeeze some babysitting time into your kid's dental cleaning, childcare might be an issue in your life.