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Mom Thinks Daughters' Halloween Costumes Prove She’s Raising Entirely Two Different Kinds of Women

And she loves them both!

All kids have their own distinct personalities, and there's no time like Halloween for kids to express these personalities. It's the one day of the year when everybody is encouraged to be their wildest, craziest selves, and kids get to play out their grandest fantasies. You might even learn something about a kid from their Halloween costume.

Like @mrs..galloway, a mom who realized what very different girls she was raising when she was filming them in the car, both wearing their Halloween costumes.

"Raising two very different tiny women, and I'm here for it," she wrote.


A hotdog and a pink cowgirl. Love it. They couldn't be more different, and yet somehow they complement each other. You can at least picture a cowgirl with a hot dog, anyway. But the point is that even though they're different, they're equal, and mom loves them both just as much. 

Commenters loved these sisters, and had lots of their own sibling Halloween memories to share...
"My two personalities"
"One year my sister when as a cute candy corn witch and I went as a gangster banana"
"The beginning of a 2000s Disney original movie plot"
"I was a hot dog raised as a cowgirl I am now in my full blown hot dog era."
"I was a whoopie cushion and my sister was cleopatra"
"In my youth I was cowgirl. Now adulthood I would be hot dog"
"in 86, when I was in the first grade, I was a pound puppy and my little sis was madonna for Halloween"

Seems like lots of people go through a hot dog phase. There are worse things to be in life!