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Great Aunt Surprises Her Nieces When They Try to Ding Dong Ditch Her in the Funniest Way

It's a childhood classic.

As kids, there were just certain traditions that went hand in hand with having a sleepover. Staying up way too late talking about our crushes, watching movies that are far too scary for kids, and of course, ordering pizza, are all things that come to mind. And then, there were the pranks. Sometimes, that involved tricking our friends who were at the sleepover... and sometimes, it involved a little game called ding dong ditch. 

Everyone knows what this is — you ring someone's doorbell and then quickly run away to hide nearby so you can watch them answer the door and realize no one is there, which is obviously the funniest thing ever. In the age of video doorbells, it's probably a lot harder to play in 2022, but this didn't stop one group of kids from trying it out on their great aunt, and according to her TikTok, she had even more fun than they did.


It all started when the woman who posted the video got a text from her niece. Her kids were having a sleepover with friends and wanted to drive over to ding dong ditch her. The woman was so excited and since she had fair warning, she got to watch it on her doorbell camera before going outside and fully acting her part. 

People who saw the video loved that she was willing to play along.

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"Those girls will laugh about that forever! What a good memory!" one person wrote.

They'll likely bring this up for years to come — and maybe, when they're grown up, their great aunt can tell them that she knew they were coming the whole time.

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