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Mom Takes Sons to Biggest Amusement Park Ever Only… It’s a Dirt Mound

But she ends up proving a solid point.

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Kids are great at using their imaginations. It's like, what they're made to do. When little ones are pretending, they're learning, and exploring, and doing so much more than just acting like animals or being silly in some way. But sometimes kids need a little push. When they're seeing the world a little too much as it really is. 

Like in this video from @megan.elizabeth.x3. Her three little boys were faced with what looked like just a big wasteland of dirt, but then mom had a brilliant idea. She did a bit of pretending all on her own, and then managed to enthusiastically get her kids on board. Like literally, on board the imaginary rollercoaster.

So cute! What an amazing memory for these boys to have: The day they turned a dirt pile into the best amusement park ever. Imagine being able to design your own carnival...that's exactly what these kids are doing in their minds! That's a lot of fun right there. "Sometimes you don't even need money to be rich," wrote the mom, and that's absolutely true. 

Commenters totally got in on the fun, saying things like "I bet the food at this park is amazing" and "what the dog doing on the rollercoaster?"
"Part of my inner child healed watching this"
"Finally, a dog friendly amusement park"
"This is so amazing. I love how they absolutely weren't disappointed at all, they jumped straight into imagination land!"

It's true: All you need is a little imagination and a lot of love to have an amazing time.