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Mom Gives Birth At Hospital Near Disney and Got a Front Row View of the Fireworks

How many die-hard Disney fans scheduled their births here?

Every mom-to-be has a list of priorities when it comes to where and how she's going to give birth. Naturally, the location of the hospital is something to consider, as is your medical team and about a million other preferences, like whether you prefer to room-in with your baby or not. 

In this video from @heddentotheparks, for example, we're introduced to another preference entirely re: childbirth that most people never even consider (or could even if they wanted to): The option to be born at a hospital on Disney property and get a front row view of the fireworks at the park. Pretty magical!

Can you imagine giving birth and having a fireworks finale? Seems like something every birth should have, maybe, when you think about it. But it seems if you're a truly die-hard Disney fan, there are ways to make the beginning of your child's life as Disney-centric as possible. 

Commenters seemed to know all about this thing of having a baby on park property, so it might be more common than previously thought. But it seems people's experiences aren't all the same...
"The baby is now a citizen of Disney World"
"Had my daughter there. Wasn’t the best experience. But I love how they play the “when you wish upon a star” each time a baby so born."
"That baby should come with a lifetime pass"
"I delivered in this same room! We got fireworks for his delivery!"
"This is truly iconic. ‘Where where you born? Disneyland’"
"I had my daughter there too and as I was pushing my hubby goes "look Mallory the fireworks are going off" lets just say he got a look that said it all"
"I work at Adventhealth Celebration! Such an an amazing hospital. I moved here so I could work there!"

So it seems there's truly no end to the Disney experience, if that's what you want your life to be! You have to wonder if this little girl is getting named after a Disney character.