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Moms Surprise Daughter With Trip to Disney and Her Mind Is Blown

She definitely had no idea.

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A trip to Disney World is exciting enough for most kids (and adults), but it's even more exciting when the whole thing is a total surprise! Over the years, we've seen hundreds if not thousands of videos of parents surprising their lucky kiddos with trips to the most magical place on earth, but this new one might be our favorite.

These moms and their daughter were in the airport under the guise of visiting friends in Ohio, and she had no idea that she was actually on her way to someplace way better (no offense to Ohio, of course). At first, she seemed to be in shock when they made the big reveal, but watching the news sink in is truly the best.


"Seriously, beyond thrilled that we were able to surprise her like this!!! It took her a good 10 minutes to recover!!" Mom wrote. 

By the time she was all decked out in her rainbow Disney t-shirt and mouse ears, this little girl was ready to go — and according to the comments, what she thought was a layover in Orlando was actually her final destination. These moms are so sneaky! 

There's no way this family didn't have a blast on their trip after it kicked off with a surprise like this. They're making us want to make a plan to surprise our own kids someday!