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Dad’s Training for Disney Trip Is Spot-On

He’s practicing all the right moves.

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If you've been to Disney World before, you probably already know that it's a lot of fun... but it's also not necessarily a vacation. With all the things there are to do at the theme parks — and all the walking that's involved — those who aren't used to hitting their step goal for the day are likely going to suffer a bit. And for most families who visit Disney, sleeping in just doesn't happen; you've gotta be at the parks when they open to make the most of the short lines in those early morning hours! 

Knowing this, we can't blame this dad on TikTok for training before his Disney vacation (and getting his baby involved in the process, too). Some people might laugh, but we know this man is going to be well prepared when he arrives... and very glad his body was conditioned for the physical challenges ahead! 

This man is getting his cardio on by practicing walking on the treadmill every day, and he takes it a step further — he exercises while holding his daughter in his arms. Despite our best intentions with the stroller anytime we go somewhere,  we know that our kids are going to want us to pick them up at some point, so we love that he's being proactive about that possibility! 

All of his different "holds" are too funny, from the way she's slung over his shoulder when they're hurrying so they don't miss a show to her sitting on his shoulders as they practice their hold for when she's watching a parade. And cutest of all is when she's pretending to sleep in his arms, for how he'll carry her back to the hotel after a long day.

And hearing her giggles in the background just proves that not only is dad practicing for all that walking and carrying he'll do, but that they're both practicing for how much fun they're about to have together.

Hitting the travel before Disney isn't a bad idea. It'll make all those miles a lot less painful!  

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