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Divorced Dad Shares Emotional Journey to 50/50 Custody

He never thought he’d get here.

Divorce is incredibly difficult. It takes a long time to get everything right, and that includes custody arrangements. The process can get especially complicated when things like addiction come into play, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

This video from @adam.bottom.jeans is the story of a divorced dad whose road to getting 50/50 custody has been a long and hard one. As he wrote, "Some people thought this day was never going to come. I was some people. Not until i change my perspective and unequivocally relied on a power much greater than myself. You can do hard things. Never give up." 


So incredibly inspiring. To see him go from crying and alone to making lunches for his smiling's so heartwarming. When a family splits up, it's so hard to feel whole again. But this family finally has it together. 

Commenters were so proud of this dad and happy for his family:
"Love the energy! Parenting time not a right, it’s a privilege! Kudos for doing the work, children deserve to have both parents"
"hope one day to be able to say my sons dad stepped up and changed like this. proud of you because those boys need a dad just as much as a mom"
"The ACCOUNTABILITY is amazing! That’s how you can tell someone LIVES in their recovery not just talks about it. I don’t know you and I’m proud of you!" 

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Best of luck to this dad and his family on their new life together!

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