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Parents Throw “Miss Rachel” Themed Party and DIYed the Entire Thing

We are sure Miss Rachel approved.

If you have a baby or toddler in your home, there's a very good chance that Miss Rachel is a celebrity in their eyes. Known for wearing a pink shirt, matching headband, and overalls, her YouTube channel, Songs For Littles, has really blown up over the past year. Her educational videos teach our kids so much without annoying the parents who are also in the room, especially as they're learning how to talk and communicate with the world.

That being said, the love for Miss Rachel is so real that plenty of moms dressed up as her for Halloween... and now, she's become the theme of a baby's first birthday party! One mom shared the Miss Rachel party she threw for her child on TikTok, and the way her DIY food and decorations turned out is truly impressive.

Considering the fact that Miss Rachel isn't quite on Blippi's level just yet (though it certainly seems like she's headed that way), there weren't any themed decorations for Mom to pick up at the store, so she dreamed it all up herself. Everything at the party was pastel and super cute, from the white chocolate dipped pretzel rods to the balloon arch. And we can't get over that giant photo of the birthday girl and Miss Rachel as the centerpiece for the event.

Our favorite part might be the cake, though, which features a pair of Miss Rachel's signature overalls. Amazing! 

Parents ooh-ed and aah-ed over the party in the comments, asking for her to share more details about how she put the party together. Even Miss Rachel herself couldn't help but comment, writing, "You’re amazing! I hope she had the best birthday!!! Wow! Incredible family!" 

This mom is so creative, and we're sure that her daughter loved it. What would we do without Miss Rachel, for real?