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Mom Has Kids Paint Gorgeous Artwork as Gifts that She Slightly Elevates

They did an amazing job.

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With less than two weeks left until Christmas, holiday shopping is getting down to the wire. For many parents out there, finishing up the gift list doesn't just mean placing online orders, though — doing DIY projects and holiday-themed crafts with the kids to give the grandparents and other loved ones is also a priority. But what if the you've already done the typical ornaments and handprint crafts? 

This mom on TikTok is sharing the craft she and her kids are doing this year, and even though she's a professional artist, this really is something anyone can do. And all you'll need is a canvas, paints, and brushes — even cheap ones will do! 

Knowing the rooms these canvases would hang in, she gave her daughters a bit of color theming guidance, but the rest was up to them. When the kids were done creating their masterpieces, Mom let them dry. Then, she took a white paint pen and used it to outline certain abstract areas of each painting to turn them into something like fruit, and traced an outline around the outside to make a frame, which she then added detail to using the paint pen.

In the end, it looks like a legit piece of art that was made unique by the kids, but elevated at the same time... and best of all, this is something that anyone can do.

Amazingly enough, her toddler's painting started off looking a bit like mud, but by the end, it was gift quality. This is so impressive! 

If you're looking for an easy and affordable gift from your kids for the holidays, this looks like a great one to try... and you get the chance to flex your creative muscles, too.

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