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Mom Transforms Old ‘Western’ Button-up Shirt Into Adorable Toddler Dress

She gave this shirt a total second life.

Americans are pretty guilty of over consumption whether it comes to meals or even clothes. We follow what is trendy and discard or donate what doesn’t serve us any longer. However, with a little ingenuity, sometimes we can transform those ill fitting or dated clothes into a perfectly functioning piece of clothing for our kids.

That’s exactly what self-taught sewer Mary Stanley, @whatmommamakes, does when one of her wardrobe staples is no longer useful for her. 


Just look at how she transformed this shirt! Cutting it down to size, the mom played with different elements of the shirt to create adorable details in the dress. For instance, the pearly buttons serve as some faux button paneling on the front, while the cuffs were sewn on as ruffled sleeves. After lining it, her daughter twirled in delight at her new outfit, and mom saved at least $20 with this quick hack. 

Commentators flooded her post with praise, noting how gorgeous and resourceful it was to come up with such a fun and functional idea. Heck, we’re feeling so inspired we might just go grab a machine and get to sewing ourselves