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Comedian D.L. Hughley Breaks Down Over the Dangers of Raising a Black Son

This is just so heartbreaking that Black fathers and mothers feel this way.

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Raising children in the world we live in is a very scary thing for anyone to grapple with, no matter who they are. Most parents just want to be able to protect their children, but as they get older, they learn that it's harder — if not completely impossible — to be able to keep them away from life's dangers. And for Black parents living in America, that fear is tenfold. 

Despite the fact that it's the year 2022, racism is still far more prevalent than it should be, and no one should ignore the very real violence that Black people face from the police every single day. Knowing this, it's no wonder that comedian and dad D.L. Hughley totally broke down as he addressed how dangerous it is to raise a Black son in a video that's now going viral on TikTok. 

Aside from being a stand up comedian actor, Hughley is a dad to three children, including a 34-year-old son named Kyle who is on the autism spectrum. And in a video posted by @blackloveinc on TikTok, Hughley got real about his fears raising Kyle that continue even now that he's an adult. 

As he says in the clip, he came to the realization that if he "fails" to properly protect his son, he could die, especially after finding out that one of his personality traits was defiance and that he "dances to his own beat" — something Hughley said he knows "gets young Black men killed."

"I knew it right away that I would have to prepare him for a world that wasn't like the world [his mom] wanted for him," Hughley said. 

Knowing that they couldn't afford to "coddle" their son, Hughley admitted that he was "scared to death" of not being able to keep him safe, and he broke down in tears as he spoke.

"I didn't know how to make him ready for this world so he could see what's coming," he said.

It's heartbreaking to hear him speak this way, but an important reminder that this is reality for Black parents all over the country. Parents like Hughley — and their children — deserve to feel safe, without living with the fear that their child could be killed by poilce.