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Puppy Proves to be the Best Big Brother to 3 Week Old Infant

These two will be best buds for life.

You can never tell how an animal is going to react to a new baby. Much like an older sibling, they might react with jealousy, or even get a little depressed because they're  not getting as much attention as usual. But other times, a dog or a cat (usually a dog, though) will accept the baby as a new member of the family...and maybe even fall in love with it.

That's what's happened in this video from @hdbrosriley. It's just a series of moments between a 3-week-old infant and a very good golden retriever named Riley, but this pair is pretty special. Riley seems to have become very attached to the new baby in the family in the short time they've been together. 


They're just too adorable together. The looks on that dog's face! He seems so concerned about this new little guy in his house. He'd better spend lots of time with the baby, making sure he's safe and warm and nothing bad happens to him. It's a pretty big job, but somebody's got to do it. 

Commenters just loved Riley and his new charge...
"That sweet baby has a best friend and protector for life! They will have many fun adventure filled memories together!!!!"
"this is so adorable, he's such a great big brother"
"Thankfully this makes me want more dogs and not a child"
"We don’t deserve dogs… They are so pure of heart"
"It’s the paw on the little hand for me."
"That’s HIS baby now"
"The dog has claimed the baby as his own this is so cute!!"
"He is protecting HIS human at all costs"

Now that's a friend this baby will always be able to count on. So adorable when animals and babies hit it off this way!