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Camera Captures Boys Reaction When Family Dog Goes Into Labor

It’s so funny and so wholesome.

It's so much fun to watch our kids grow up with a dog... and it's even more unforgettable when our kids get to see that dog have puppies. Sure, not every parent out there is going to want to take on that kind of responsibility, but this video on TikTok is almost making us wish we could experience this with our children ourselves.

Thanks to a security camera in the living room, one family managed to capture their son's reaction the moment he realized the dog had gone into labor right next to him. He was just casually playing video games when the big moment happened, and witnessing his freakout is all the proof we need for why this video went majorly viral! 


Immediately, he jumped off the chair he was sitting in and started screaming for his dad, letting him know that the puppies are coming. But according to what his dad explained in the comments, he didn't end up losing his cool — he actually ended up being super sweet with the puppies.

"He’s a champ and stayed up all night with my wife taking care of the puppies for the rest of the birth. He was so excited about it," Dad said.

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Still, how loud his screams are was definitely not lost on the commenters on the video! 

"This kid has to be dramatic like this on a daily basis because not even the dogs reacted to his screaming," one person joked.

To be fair, one of the dogs was a little busy at the time! 

It's so funny that this family has this moment on camera. Now we're wondering how our own kids would react... 

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