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Nurse Captures Elderly Patient’s Beautiful Reaction to Doll Therapy

It’s so healing.

As much as we try not to think about it — and try to delay it as long as possible — everyone is going to get older someday. There's something beautiful about growing old, but along the way, many of us will end up in the position of needing full time care. And thankfully, there are so many incredible therapies out there that are helping the elderly live happier and more full lives in their final years.

You've probably heard about doll therapy, which can be very beneficial to elderly patients who are dealing with dementia. But seeing it in practice is another thing entirely, which is why we love this video on TikTok so much. 

In the video, we see an elderly woman holding a lifelike baby doll. She holds his hand and gently strokes his face, since it seems like she believes this is a real baby boy named Tommy, and it sounds like it makes her so happy to have a baby in her arms.

The doll came from Reborns With Reasons, a therapy doll program centered on helping Alzheimer's and dementia patients find joy in interacting with these dolls. According to what the OP wrote in the comments, the woman in the video had six children of her own, so maybe holding the doll helped bring back those same feelings of joy she had when she held her own babies years ago. 

In the comments, the OP, who works with the organization, shared more about how the program works — and that most of the patients do believe these dolls are real babies.

"I ask them what they think. If they think it’s real I go along with them. If they state that they think it’s a doll, I am honest," she wrote.

This organization is doing great work. It seems like it really does brighten these seniors' days.