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Mom’s Dollar Store Birthday Tradition With Husband Is One Worth Stealing

What a cute idea.

It's so much fun coming up with new birthday and holiday traditions, but we will admit that they can get expensive — fast — especially when there are gifts involved. But one mom found a way to get her kids involved in the family's celebrations without breaking the bank, and we have to admit that her idea is a pretty awesome one.

Taking to TikTok, a mom shared something she does with her kids before their dad's birthday: They all take a trip to the dollar store, where she gives them "free reign" to choose whatever they want to give him as presents... and boy, did they go crazy!


The kids ran around the store, grabbing anything and everything for their dad: flowers, candy, and an Avengers gift bag to keep it all in. They even picked out their own cards to give him... even though we have a feeling he'll be a little surprised that one of them is actually a "get well soon" card. 

According to Mom, this is something they do quite often. "We do this at every birthday/holiday & seeing their reaction when the person opens it is the BEST!" she said in the video.

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The kids had a blast, and they were able to take part in giving gifts, which we all know is a lot more fun than receiving —  or at least, that's the lesson we want to instill in our kids. Plus, with a limit of $10 each, it was actually pretty cost effective, too.

We're sure Dad was delighted to open up his gift and see what they picked out. We have to try this with our own kids! 

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