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Baby With Down Syndrome Finally Sits up on His Own and His Face Is Priceless

This will bring tears to your eyes.

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Every baby's journey is different, and they reach their milestones at all different times. You have to celebrate every baby on their own timeline. And every baby is so incredibly special. All the work leading up to a new accomplishment is so meaningful, and when it pays off, there's nothing that's ever made you feel so proud. 

In this video from @my.beautiful.ds.journey, we see an especially beautiful milestone moment from a baby with Down Syndrome. As the mom wrote, they'd been working on her baby sitting up on his own for months in physical therapy, so when he finally pulled it off, it was a really big deal. And from the look on his face, you can tell he knows it's a really big deal, too. 

Such a beautiful moment. There are so many challenges when your child has special needs, but every time they learn something new or succeed at some new skill it's so incredibly meaningful. You can tell that everybody in that video (even the people who you can only hear) are so, so happy. 

Commenters thought this baby was just the sweetest thing ever..
"What a beautiful clever baby"
"So proud of himself"
"Awesome! Look at his huge smile!! He's so proud!"
"So exciting to see that. So precious."

It truly is so precious. These are the moments that you look back on for the rest of your child's life and hold the memories so dear. So pure, so innocent. If only we could jump back into those memories whenever we wanted. 

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