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Mom Explains Drag Queens to 12-Year-Old Son Beautifully

Kindness and acceptance are the only requirements.

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There are a lot of challenges that come with raising kids that only become more apparent as they get older and are exposed to things and people that are different from what they are used to. With the goal of raising a child who accepts everyone for who they are, finding the right way to explain these differences isn't always easy. After all, they don't grow up in the bubble that is our home; as they move through the world, they're going to quickly learn that not everyone is as kind to others as we wish they would be. 

This mom on TikTok was presented with an opportunity to teach her son a lesson in acceptance and shared her story in a video. They were watching a competition show together about holiday lights and when he saw a drag queen on the show, he had questions. 

She said that her son asked why "that man is dressing up as a woman," and while she took her time figuring out what she wanted to tell him, she let him continue to work through it himself. He admitted out loud that he didn't want to wear "women's clothes," and he didn't know anyone who did.

Knowing how much weight the words she chose to use during this conversation would carry, Mom was very selective about what she said next. But when she finally chimed in, she told him that as he gets older, he might meet a drag queen, and not wanting to be a drag queen is fine, but that everyone deserves to do what makes them happy.

"Whenever you do meet a drag queen, you know that they are wonderful and you could learn a lot from them," she told him. "And the most important thing is to always treat people with kindness and respect, because we are not the only ones in this world." 

We're saving this video in case we ever need it in the future. Couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

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