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Mom Defends Being “Dramatically Obsessed” With Daughters

It makes a big difference.

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Lately, there's been a somewhat negative connotation associated with a parent being "obsessed" with their kid. This seems to come from kids who feel like their parents are living vicariously through them or won't give them space, but they're missing the point: There is a way to be obsessed with your kid in a healthy way.

That's what @shumibrody is trying to say in this video which explains why she's "dramatically obsessed" with her daughters, particularly her eldest at the moment who's at a critical age (13). She also has identical twin daughters who are 7. To hear her tell it, to be obsessed with your child is nothing more than appreciating everything about them and using that love and appreciation to lift them up whenever you can. 

It's great how she says she's not living vicariously through her daughter, she's living alongside her daughter. That's such a positive way to put it. It's pretty hard to come up with a reason why it would be bad to have someone like this as your cheerleader in life. "Obsession" can be a good thing if this is what it means. And kids do need someone to be at least low-key obsessed with them. That's just part of being a parent. 

Commenters thought this woman sounded like an amazing mom, with one person even saying their "inner child was healed from this." 
"I had a mom like you and we had an amazing relationship until she passed 2 years ago," wrote another. "I still draw strength from her, and the encouragement in my head. She was my biggest cheerleader. You sound like an amazing mom."

There's a right way to be obsessed, parents!

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