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Mom Hangs Farm Fresh Egg Over Baby’s Crib Because Apparently, It'll Help Him Sleep?

This is one heck of a wive’s tale

A tired mom will try just about anything to get her baby to sleep. Whether it's at the recommendation of a doctor or a midwife or even a weird old wives tale, if there's a hint of a promise that something will make a baby sleep better, a tired mom will try it. As long as it's safe, it doesn't matter how weird it is. 

Proof? This video from @jessbrownsberger. The mom of a "fussy" baby, as she put it, was desperate for a full night's sleep when she heard the following old wives tale: If you hang a farm fresh egg over a baby's crib, apparently the baby will sleep better, and maybe even sleep through the night. Sounds improbable, sure, but what could it hurt to try it, right? So the mom got herself an egg and a sock to hang it in and got to work.


Love the thumbtacks. Gotta work with what you have! As she wrote, the theory behind this whole egg thing is that "apparently eggs trap CO2 which takes pressure off your teething baby’s gums." Hey, why not?

Commenters totally understood where this mom was coming from, and were totally supportive (not to mention curious, because they wanted to try it themselves). Some moms had even tried it themselves already:
"Has not helped whatsoever with sleep, BUT has worked amazing for teething. We have had an egg in babe’s room for months."
"I will put a laying hen in my room if this works"
"I started doing this a few nights ago and he's slept through the night since. worked for us!"
"Wow we must’ve saw the same video girl bc I did the same egg in a sock trick tonight too for my 7 month old LOL"
"You know what. I remember praying to every god just for an extra hour of sleep. So you do what you need to do mama!"

It's so true. Whatever works. Unfortunately, this mom did post an update, and apparently the egg did not make her baby sleep any better. But hey, no harm done.