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Mom Promises Kids She’ll Leave the Camera On to Catch Elf In Action and Plans to Show Them This Video

It’s bringing some Christmas magic to life.

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Now that the holiday season is in full swing, those who participate in the tradition of the Elf on the Shelf have already survived a few hijinks from Santa Claus' helper. Having an elf in your home creating mischief is a lot of fun for kids who look forward to it every year (even though it does take a bit of effort to make the magic happen on their parents' part). With a little imagination, it's like having a temporary roommate from the North Pole.

But the older kids get, the more they question whether or not this elf in their home is actually real, and that means that parents who want to preserve the magic for as long as possible need to get creative. And thanks to the fact that technology makes literally anything possible these days, we're not surprised to see a TikTok video that can prove the elves really do come alive at night. 

This mom promised she'd leave her camera on at night so that she could capture the kids' elf moving after everyone went to sleep, and boy did she deliver. In this video, we can see their elf happily dancing near the Christmas tree (and we have to mention that using Olly Murs' viral song "Dance With Me Tonight" was really the perfect choice for this).

If your kids are asking for evidence too, don't worry — this mom didn't have to put in a request with the Big Guy himself to make this magic happen. She actually used an app called Elf Cam, and while it does cost $3.99 for a yearlong subscription, it definitely seems worth it if your kids are becoming suspicious.

Best of all, the videos are super customizable, and you can even create a route through your house that you want the elf to take. Amazing! 

Let's see the kids not believe in their elves after they see this...