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Dad Concocts Genius Way to Bring Daughter’s Elf to Her Recital

And managed to help him “keep his magic"

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When you're doing the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, you have to get creative. Well, you don't technically have to, but it gets pretty dull just moving that Elf around to various boring spots and making sure nobody touches it all the time. Snore. You need to think outside of the box if you're going to make the Elf on the Shelf work.

Like the dad in this video from @krystianatiana, who found a really fun way to incorporate his daughter's Elf into her life. Not only did he take her Elf to watch her holiday pageant at school, he took the Elf in some kind of clear container so the Elf wouldn't get touched and lose its magic. 

So cute! The Elf was no doubt happy for a night out, too. And you know every parent in that auditorium was looking at that dad with his Elf and feeling his pain. They were also probably wondering why they didn't come up with this idea themselves. Maybe this will catch on, and Elves will take all kinds of trips in similarly clear containers. Take the Elf to visit Santa! Take it to cut down the Christmas tree! Take it out for hot chocolate! The options are endless.

Commenters loved how adorable this whole thing was...
"The way he looks so proud and excited"
"This is the cutest ever"
"He really don't care about no one else. He want his princess happy."

You can always count on the Elf on the Shelf to make the holidays interesting!