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Mom Breaks Down How Abuse Can Really Look

It’s not all visible scars and bruising.

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When we talk about abuse in families and getting kids away from abusers, it seems that we're usually talking about abusive parents. But grandparents can be abusive too, leaving parents who were abused as kids in the incredibly difficult place of trying to keep the family together while protecting their children from the parents who hurt them. 

In this video from @rinispencer, the mom explains why keeping her children away from her mother isn't denying them a grandmother, it's protecting them from someone who could potentially hurt them. Someone who, in fact, has already done harmful things to them. It's a mom's job to protect her kids, as she points out. 

It's absolutely horrible, what that grandmother put her little granddaughter through, all because she didn't get the snuggle she wanted. It's ridiculous and childish and there's just nothing forgivable about what that woman did to her granddaughter. This mom deserves all the credit in the world for choosing to protect her children from more potential abuse even if it means cutting her mom off. That's super brave and so hard to do. 

Commenters completely understood where she was coming from, and many of them shared their own experiences with abusive parents who thought they deserved to be grandparents. As hard as it is to draw these boundaries, they're best for everyone's mental health, and it doesn't matter if grandparents feel like they deserve them or not. 

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