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Dad Has Important Reminder for Fellow Parents About Emotional Intelligence

It’s a reminder we all really needed.

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Little kids can act so grown-up sometimes. They blow us away with how smart they can be, make us laugh with their witty observations, and they learn at the speed of light. But it's important for us as adults to remember that they're not quite up to speed when it comes to things like emotions and emotional intelligence. They have lots of feelings, but they might not necessarily know what to do with them. 

This video from shows two ways an interaction with a little one who's having a hard time can go. First, the grown-up can note the child's behavior and go straight to a punishment. Or, the grown-up can note the child's behavior and suggest that they talk about things. As you'll see, it makes a lot more sense the second way.

So important to remember! When kids are acting out, there's always a reason. And we won't find out what it is until we take the time to talk to them. When we're tired and at the end of our rope, it's hard to keep it together sometimes. But in the end, it makes such a difference. 

Commenters agreed that this was a super crucial thing for parents to remember...
"This hits hard. Thank you"
"I needed this one today"
"Yes! Trying to break my generational trauma before it really gets to my kids. My 5 yo reminds me now too "don't yell, talk to me" She's so smart"
"I'm so thankful for you. Keep up the inspiring content."
"This is honestly something so hard about being a parent. It takes a lot of practice and effort to check yourself. Good video. Thank you."

We all know what we need to do, it's just a matter of finding the strength to do it.