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Little Girl Gets Emotional Over “Speech” Mommy Plays For Her

When they truly feel our love and show it, it’s the best thing in the world.

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We tell our kids that we love them all the time, and we give them all the reasons, too. But even if we feel like we're saying these things enough, we might not really be getting through. Sometimes you have to just take a moment and devote yourself to telling it like it really is when it comes to how much you love your kids so they truly understand (if that's even possible).

In this video from @positiveparentvibes, we watch a little girl's face as her mom plays a speech for her that talks about all the ways and all the reasons why she loves her little girl so very, very much. And naturally, the little girl in question gets pretty emotional.

So incredibly sweet! What an important thing to hear from your parents; not once, not twice, but on a regular basis. That's the kind of love kids need to go out in the world and be good, strong people. It's all about expressing these things in a family and not letting the important stuff go unsaid. 

"This one brought my baby girl to tears," the mom wrote. "I turnt the camera off because her tears were flowing and we really connected at the end. So grateful she got to hear this and know it came from my heart."

Commenters were so inspired by this mom's style, with many noting that this little girl is going to feel so securely attached. And how amazing that she can always listen to that speech again when she wants to hear it!