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Mom Shares How Labor Changes as Soon as That Epidural Kicks In

Cue the dancing.

Though plenty of laboring moms rock childbirth medicine-free, the mamas out there who have chosen to go for a little boost from one of science's best developments ever — AKA the epidural — know what a relief getting one can be. Suddenly, it's like all those painful contractions have been put on mute, and you can finally breathe. At that point, it's like you're a totally new person! 

At least one mom out there knows what we're talking about, according to her TikTok video. In a hilarious clip she shared on the platform, she let us see how her mood changed after that epidural kicked in, and boy did it make a difference!


In the video, a mom who is looking very chill is in her hospital bed, doing the viral dance to Lizzo's "About Damn Time." This is a woman who is calm, collected, and medicated — and she simply has no worries. If only we could all be this happy and carefree while gearing up to give birth! 

Fellow moms who have been there before didn't hesitate to chime in with comments about their own epidural experiences.

"It made me feel like I was laying on a beach. I didn't feel high, but felt sooooo much more relieved," one user wrote.

It's good to see this mom getting a few moments of peace (and fun) before the main event. After months of pregnancy pains and then contractions, there's no sweet relief like what the epidural can provide!