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Dad’s Reaction to Thinking Kid Dropped a ‘F-Bomb’ Is Priceless

Admittedly we thought he said the f-word too!

I can whole-heartedly admit: I have the mouth of a sailor. Since becoming a mom, I’ve had to tone it down a lot, but occasionally in times of duress I’ve been known to still drop a f-bomb or two in the presence of my child. Nevertheless, when my kid used that word (correctly might I add) my heart nearly fell out of my butt. I’ve since learned to curtail my language because there is something so simultaneously hysterical and horrifying hearing your little one use such a foul word.

One dad was caught on camera hearing what he thought was a f-bomb slip out of his kid’s mouth, and his reaction was pretty on par with what you’d expect.


Mom was recording dad cooking something on the stove when in the distance you can hear their kid scream: “FAWKY ASKS A QUESTION” referring to the Disney+ mini-series Forky Asks a Question. Only “Forky” didn’t exactly sound like “Forky” if you catch our drift. The ad whipped his head around toward the kid while burning himself on the pot and demands he repeat what he said. The kid then clearly says the correct series name and the dad looks to the mom for confirmation. All in all everyone came out of it relatively unscathed, but it still made for a hysterical memory.

“The way I gasped so loud because I misheard the little one as well,” joked one follower. 

“He about [sic] broke his neck whipping around like that,” another said.

Ultimately there was no harm no foul here, but pshew, do we feel *seen* after this one.