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Little Girl’s Reaction to Her Magical Facepaint Is Just Too Precious

What a little cutie!

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Getting your face painted is a rite of passage as a child — it's kind of magical that an artist and a little paint can turn you into a unicorn or a tiger or butterfly on demand, right? Just the right design can make any kid feel extra special when they're at the fair or a theme park (or even a fancy birthday party) and as parents, that makes us feel special, too.

One little girl on TikTok named Darla got her face painted while at a renaissance festival, and OMG — her reaction to the finished product was too perfect! A face painting artist shared a video of her both before and after her face was painted, and she is too cute for words.


When four year old Darla arrived at the booth, she was all dressed up in a pink fairy outfit, including a sparkly set of wings. But the paint she picked out was actually of an ice tiger (a tiger, but with cool tones like blue, purple, and silver instead of orange), and when she got to see the big reveal, she was so excited! 

Watching Darla's face as she saw the finished product was priceless. "I look so cute!" she exclaimed, later confirming with the artist that she does, in fact, look gorgeous. All of us could use a little of Darla's energy! 

She was already adorable before she got her face painted, but after, she was really feeling herself. Go Darla!