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Dad Retells Hysterical Story About When He and His Wife Had an Unfortunate Facetime Incident

This is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Every parent has been embarrassed by their kid at some point or another; being humiliated seems to be part of parenthood. Kids just have a way of knowing how to walk in or open a door or say the wrong thing at the perfect time for peak embarrassment. What can you do? 

Take what happened to @derekjones10. As the dad explains in one of those hilarious #onethingaboutme videos, he and his wife take showers together to save time, which they don't have enough of as parents of three. So one day he and his wife were taking a shower when their daughter came into the bathroom.with his phone, telling them someone was calling and holding up the phone to the glass shower door so they could see who it was. Except, guess what? It wasn't a phone call, it was a FaceTime. From Grandpa. 


Welp, Grandpa got more than he bargained for with that FaceTime call. He might be so traumatized that he sticks to text for awhile. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad are probably thinking about investing in a lock for the bathroom door. 

Commenters suffered from secondhand embarrassment just hearing about what happened...
"I take your FaceTime with grandpa and raise you an Instagram live yup. My daughter walked in and has us on live hahaha"
"🎶he looks at meee. and I look at himmm..and he looks at meeee.🎶"
"Holy cow... finally...someone with rhythm did this trend! Best yet!"
"Ok but which grandpa? Makes a difference"
"At least it wasn’t fb live I guess"
"Kids and their great timing. Every time."

At the very least, while this couple did suffer a bit of an embarrassment, they ended up entertaining the internet as a result. So there's that!