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Mom Captures Baby’s First Laugh On Camera

Also known as the birth of fairies.

The first year of our baby's lives are usually spent watching and waiting for milestones. The first time they smile is a big one, and so is when they finally figure out how to roll over... but the very best one might be the first time they laugh. It's the most magical sound! Once we've heard it, we'll do anything to hear it again (no matter how silly we might look in the process). 

One mom managed to capture her son's first laugh on camera and shared it with TikTok, giving us all the warm and fuzzy feelings. And as she pointed out, it's also thought of as the birth of a fairy, who are believed to be born of a baby's first laugh.

This father and son were just spending time together and interacting the way a baby this age knows how, when all of a sudden, he let out his first laugh. If you're a parent, you'll recognize that moment of shock that Dad went through when he heard it. It's almost too good to be true! Even baby boy looked a little surprised to find out that he could do that.

And it seems this video brought back a lot of happy memories for the fellow parents who watched it, according to the comments.

"I sobbed the first time my daughter laughed too. Still remember the moment 6 years on," one mom shared.

It really is the sweetest sound, and it's amazing that Mom got it on camera so that she can relive it for years to come.