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Family Shares Their “2nd Birthday Tradition” and It Is So Sweet

He definitely loved the upgrade.

Family traditions can be so sweet, especially when they have to do with birthdays. And they don't have to be big and showy, or cost a lot of money, as this video from @amelia_weiss proves. They can be gestures that might be simple but still have so much meaning for little kids. 

What's cool about this particular tradition is that it's for second birthdays, not first. Usually second birthdays are kind of under the radar affairs, so it's nice that this is something to make second birthdays special. It's also nice that this particular tradition is something to start the day off on a pleasant note. Just look at how happy this little boy is when the surprise sinks in!


So super cute. Bluey sheets! Hooray! He could not be happier about his bed's new look. And what an easy thing to do! It's so cute that they started this back when the little boy's uncle, who's now "in his 30s," was a kid. Over the years, that amounts to a lot of bedsheets! 

Commenters loved the idea, so much so that quite a few of them wanted to know where to get those cute Bluey sheets (apparently Target, Etsy, and Kohl's are options). But mostly, they just thought the whole thing was so cute:
"Hes so happy he doesn’t know what to do with his body and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen"
"Love love love this!! Especially for littles. It’s cost effective for the parents and brings so much joy for the littles! Thank you for this!!"
"that's so fun and makes them excited to sleep in their new beds"
"Absolutely love this tradition! My family did pyjamas on Christmas Eve"

Family traditions really are so important. This is something he can look forward to every year!