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BFF Cousins Dress Up as the Kids from “Turning Red” and It’s Too Cute

Cousins and siblings are our first friends.

After seeing the Disney movie Turning Red earlier this year, we had a feeling it would spark a lot of Halloween costumes. Not only is Mei (both as a human and as a red panda) totally adorable, but the 4Town band is a group costume in itself, as well. And then, there's Mei's group of friends... the possibilities here are endless. 

And thanks to TikTok, we now know of at least one group of family members who are knocking it out of the park with this costume theme. These cousins dressed up as the cast of Turning Red — including Mei and her friends Priya, Miriam, and Abby, and their costumes are too adorable!


Not only are their costumes practically perfect in the screen accurate category, but they also made this adorable TikTok using audio from the movie that really brings it all to life. 

"When your family are your besties you dress up as the best friend group ever," said the caption on the video.

People were totally blown away by these costumes, so it's no wonder the video is going viral. 

"As a mama that’s watched this movie 2 million times , you guys did that. Love this!" one mom wrote. 

Another person added, "Someone call Disney and tell them to make a live action movie right now." 

Aside from being such an amazing way to pay tribute to the movie on Halloween, this video also reminds us of how important our kids' relationships are with their cousins. Who knows — if they end up staying close, they could end up growing up to plan an awesome group costume like this in the future!