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Family Plans Their First Ever Vacation & Kids Break Down In Tears

Hard work pays off

For some families, it's just a given that at least a few weeks out of their summer vacation will be spent on some sort of fun trip. Lots of families even have traditional summer vacations that they take. But there are plenty of other families, hard-working families who'd love nothing more than to take a trip somewhere, who just can't afford a summer vacation. That's how it was for the family in @flagpolechristmastreeguy's video. Sitting around a table, they're planning their first ever vacation (a cruise!) when the kids break down crying. 


Just so moving. This cruise is going to be so much more special to these kids than if they'd gone on a cruise or some other fun trip every summer since they were babies. They're going to appreciate everything that cruise has to offer and they'll probably be really thankful, too. "You can have all the money in the world but it’s worth nothing compared to the unconditional love of a family," noted one commenter. "It’s a wonderful thing for you all to enjoy a great vacation! It’s tough at times! But hard work and dreams can make it come true! Enjoy!!!!!!" wrote another commenter. Here's hoping this family has the best vacation ever. 

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