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This Video Perfectly Captures Why Family Vacations are Extra Special as an Adult

It's almost like being a kid again.

As fast as we might have wanted to grow up when we were kids, as adults with kids of our own, the nostalgia for childhood can really get to us sometimes. After all, we'll never live under our parents' roof again as children, with our siblings in the next room and without all the big worries that come with being a grown up. 

That's why, as stressful as it can be sometimes, many people choose to jump at the chance at a family vacation with their whole family. As this TikTok video explains, there's really nothing like a legit trip with parents and siblings to make you feel like you're a kid all over again in the best way. 


One woman on the app shared footage of the beach and a blue sky, writing, "There is nothing more heart fulfilling than a family vacation as you grow up. For one week, we pretend everyone lives together again. My siblings, who I rarely see, come from all over." 

She went on to write about how they eat breakfast and spend the whole day together, pretending for just that week that they all live together again. Anyone else feel like crying? 

Knowing how precious and rare these moments are for us now as adults makes us want to make childhood as magical as possible for our own kids. If they grow up and still want to hang out and go on vacation with us, that's how we'll know we did a good job.

We've also gotta treasure these moments with them while they're still little. They'll be grown up way too soon!